E-Waste Recycling Richmond

Broken TV, laptop, computer, electronics - you name it. We will recycle it for you!

E-Waste Recycling Richmond

That's So Last Year..

E-Waste Recycling

What We Take for Your E-Waste Recycling Services in Richmond

Computers & Accessories

Time to update your Windows XP? Tired of the accumulated lint in your ball mouse? LCD not LCDing? Whatever the case, we will rid of your old PC parts! Call or email us today!


Football team lost and you broke your TV? Upgrading from VHS to DVD or Streaming? Out with the old, in with the new! Old electronics for us, new electronics for you! Call today!

Small Appliances

Just like our appliances section this all applies! Call or email us today for your next E-Waste Recycling in Richmond!

Call or Message us today for your next Recycling Richmond Services

E-Waste is short for Electronic Waste.

As the world is upgrading to digital, the environment is more susceptible to toxic waste. Filth-E Treasure’s recycling services help avoid such actions to ensure the future of our ecosystem.

As electronics are disposed improperly in landfills, the toxins may leak into the ecosystem causing damage to wildlife and plants. 

Do Not Throw Electronics in your Trash!

Call your local junk removal company to dispose of electronics properly! Or do it yourself!

If you are just updating your products, try and sell your old electronics online and make some profit from it!

Most electronics can be repaired. Like a broken LCD for your phone, bring it to your local mall kiosk and they will have mobile repair services.

There are a lot of retro enthusiasts! Someone is bound to pay you a good price for your antique consoles!


Our E-Waste Recycling Richmond services will never end up in the landfill and always in Recycling Depots.

Let’s keep BC clean and green! 

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