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Your affordable junk removal services in New Westminster, BC.

We are a locally owned and operated company dedicated to providing top-notch services to our customers. Whether it’s a single item pickup, or a whole property cleanout, we have the tools and experience to tackle any type of job!

We come equipped with a truck & trailer setup, with the ability to load 10 cubic yards! From old rotten fences, to single mattress removals, we can fit almost anything in this trailer, at a fraction of the cost compared to the bigger competitors. 

Save your time and money by choosing us and we guarantee you’ll be left satisfied!

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Here’s What Our Customers Had To Say

Quickly, professionally, friendly and affordable, overall great service. Highly recommended.


I found Ian and his team very friendly and efficient. Time was not wasted. This was a clean out of my passed father‘s apartment and they were very sensitive to the situation. I would recommend them for this type of job.


Ian came to my door on time and picked up my household garbage and furniture without any issues. I was happy with his prices and overall services. I will not hesitate to use Filth-E Treasure again in the near future! Thanks to you Ian!


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What Our Junk Removal New West Team Takes


Not all junk goes in the dump! The Filth-E Team sorts out your items in different categories: donate, recycle and dispose! Rest assured that our team will dispose of your junk accordingly. Call us for your next New Westminster junk pickup!

Furniture Removal New Westminster

Have you ever tried moving a mattress or 3-seater sofa on your own? It's a difficult task, especially through doorways. 

We haul away anything from mattresses, sofas, dining sets, and more! Call or email us today for your next Furniture or Mattress removals!

Furniture Removal Richmond

Stress-Free and Affordable Junk Pick Up!

The Filth-E Team will make your junk hauling experience clean and efficient.

Filth-E Treasure New West Junk Removal Services Removes All Types Of Furniture

Getting rid of old furniture? Does it not match the theme you’re going for? Whatever the reason, if you don’t need it, we will take it! We take almost all kinds of furniture whether indoor or outdoor, if it fits the trailer it will go! Not only will we haul it away for you, but rest assured that good conditioned furniture will be donated. Give us a call for your a free estimate on your furniture removal.

Mattress Removal New Westminster

Has your bed lost it's comfort? Are you not sleeping on clouds anymore? Whatever size your mattress is, we will remove it for you. From Single size to Queen size, we will haul away your mattress and/or box spring for the same flat cost! 

When it comes to King Sized mattresses, that's a different story. We consider the King Size mattress as a large item therefore charged as so. 

All mattresses and box springs are disposed of properly at the transfer station. The Filth-E Team helps reduce waste by recycling all mattresses.

Give us a call for your next Mattress Removal in New Westminster

Want Us To Remove Your Bed Bug Infested Mattress?

Bed bugs are small flat parasitic insects that feed on humans. They quickly infest your homes and are difficult to eliminate once infested. Read More about bed bugs here.

If your mattress is infested with bed bugs, we will remove it for you with the proper steps.

Call us for your next Mattress Disposal!

Appliance Removal New Westminster

Is your refrigerator running? No? Okay we'll take it. Remodeling your kitchen and the appliances are not matching the theme? No problem! We recycle all appliances! We will haul away appliances from toasters to dishwashers. Give us a call for your next appliance removal New Westminster


Living in British Columbia, most people don’t have the time to clean their household. Before you know it, it’s too late! Let us keep your property clean and less dangerous to you and your guests.

Bigger companies disregard the small, single load items. Not us. We will make the time for you, at very affordable rates. Call or text now for your junk removal services in New Westminster. For a faster response, send a picture for your rubbish removal!

We haul away almost anything and any decent furniture or appliances will be donated.

Electronics, scrap metals and plastics will all be recycled. 

Filth-E Treasure are more than just your junk removal providers, we do it the environmentally-friendly way! Contact us now for your next Junk Removal New Westminster, BC service.

Property Cleanout New Westminster

Are you moving out or did your tenants leave a mess? We do all kinds of property cleanouts, from estate cleanouts, garage cleanouts, hoarder cleanouts, you name it. Whether you have a lot of junk or a few items, we will come and give you a free estimate. Call us for your next junk removal New Westminster services.

Yard Waste Removal New Westminster

Rubbish on a lawn can be a major eyesore and can negatively impact the appearance of your property. This can also attract wildlife like raccoons, rats and even bears and is harmful to the environment. If your garbage has already accumulated on your lawn, do not worry and give us a call.

Filth-E Treasure is affordable, clean and efficient and will make sure your lawn look goods as new! Contact us today for your next Junk Removal services!

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We are available by phone or email.

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