Appliance Removal Richmond

Modernizing your kitchen? Washer or Dryer broke down? No problem. We provide an affordable appliance removal for you! Call or email us today!

Appliance Removal Richmond


Our Appliance Removal Richmond Services


Probably one of the bulkiest appliance there is to move around. Not only is it tall, it is also heavy and awkward to haul on your own. Let us haul away this bulky appliance for you.

Washers and Dryers

Not starting or too noisy? Stopped draining? Spinning? Running but doesn't heat? Upgrading? Whatever the case, we're here when you need your old appliances removed!


When you get your kitchen remodeled, your stove is probably not fitting with the theme anymore. Broken or outdated, we will remove it for you!


Just like the fridge, it is also bulky and heavy - but this time wide! Let us haul away this troubling task for you. Call or email today!


Are your dishes not drying? Not draining? Doesn't clean your utensils enough? May need a repair, or you may need an upgrade. We'll let you make that decision, but we'll be here in case it needs to be removed. Call us today!

Small Appliances

Microwaves, blenders, rice cookers, vacuums, you name it, we take it! Any small appliance we will haul away. Call today!

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Disconnect your appliance from any gas, water or electrical lines. Once you’re able to do that, we can take it away for you.


Appliances harm the environment from hazardous chemicals contained in them. Mercury, oil and more. We try to minimize damaging our environment sticking to our clean and green motto.

You can read more about it here.

Of course! 

As affordable as we are already, we still can give you a better deal. If you leave your furniture curbside, we can make our already affordable price even cheaper!

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