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Let's show that beautiful lawn again!

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This Junk haul (above) was a referral job from one of our loyal customers. We were able to fit this and the other old sidings in our pick up before we had a trailer!

Yard Debris Removal

Tired of all the junk in front of your lawn? It can be a major eyesore and negatively impact the appearance of your property.

This will invite wildlife such ass raccoons and rats which may lead them inside your home! 

Call the Filth-E Team for your next yard waste removal services.

Neighbours also don’t like to see polluted rubbish as they go on their daily strolls. This may cause a negative impression on you.

There can be so many different factors when having a filthy yard. Whether it be inviting guests or people with pets. Yard waste can be hazardous to your surroundings. It’s best to have the problem cleaned up before someone calls the local municipality on you!

If you know someone who has a filthy yard, here are some things you can do.

Best Bang For Your Buck

We make sure we can haul everything all at once, and give you a great price too!

This Yard waste removal was all done with one pick up truck and the customer was satisfied how quickly it was hauled. On a Sunday.

Now that we have a 10yd³ trailer, we can load even more and stress free!

Call us today for your next yard waste removal services!

Construction Debris Removal


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