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Are you tired of the clutter in your garage or property? Let Filth-E Treasure take care of your junk removal needs! Our professional team provides efficient and reliable garage cleanout and property cleanout services, leaving your space looking clean and organized. Plus, we offer free quotes with no charge to show up, so you can get a sense of the cost upfront. Don’t wait any longer to clear out your space – contact Filth-E Treasure today for expert junk removal services.

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Garage Cleanout Services

Trying to fit your car? Let's make some space!

Making space or moving out? Not a problem! We will haul away your rubbish! 

This garage junk pickup (left) was done in summer 2022. The customer had sold the house, and needed to get rid of the rest of unwanted items.

Since the customer made the hauling easy (moving everything to the garage), we gave him a discount! Yes, we offer discounts when the junk removal requires less work!

Needless to say, the customer was very satisfied!

Filth-E Treasure is available 7 days a week! Give us a call for your new year junk removal.

Moving On..

Customer had lived in this house most of his life. A home becomes a very sentimental value to anyone who lives in it. We know how hard it is to throw out the past, but he needed it done.

We noticed there were old albums also in the pile. Before we hauled it away, we wanted to be sure this customer really wanted to throw it out, or if it was just mixed with the load. 

He took them back and was thankful.

Filth-E Treasure takes pride in their work and reconfirms if those items are exactly what you want gone. There's no rush!

What A Load!

Humble Beginnings

It may take a few trips, but the Filth-E Team makes sure the job is done!

It wasn't just a garage clean out, there was also a shed, scrap in the backyard and at the side of the house that needed gone.

No complaints. We will do it and we did with 3 truck bed loads!

Thankfully the dump was near! The job took less than 2 hours.

Filth-E Treasure will haul your junk in an efficient matter. Great attitude and excellent junk hauling service! Call or email us today!

garage cleanout richmond

The Filth-E Mission

Good, Better, Best

Our mission with this business is to show that anybody can start with a pickup truck. If you're able to do side jobs with a truck, then why not? 

The plan is to start with a pickup, then to a utility trailer, to a dump trailer, to a dump truck! We are on a mission and we will get there!

Not only will we do your junk pickup for you, we like to spend some time and listen to your history, if you'd like to share! We like hearing other peoples' experiences. No judgements!

Call or email us for your next garage cleanout services!

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