Declutter your job site

Construction Waste Removal

Filth-E Treasure provides construction debris removal to keep your work site clean and safe for your tradesmen!

Construction Waste Removal

Keeping Your Job Site Safe

Construction Waste Removal

Our Construction Waste Removal Services


All usable drywall will be recycled at any transfer station.


We do not take any drywall that contain Asbestos as it is hazardous and needs to have special ways of disposal.

All Construction Debris!

We will haul away all construction junk! From Drywall(No Asbestos), windows, woods, shingles and more! Call or email us today for inquiries.

We DON'T Take

We will take all construction debris except Hazardous materials such as Asbestos, paint, propane tanks, chemical fluids and other hazardous materials.

We'll Make Your Job Site Clean!

Not only will a clean construction site look good to inspectors, it will keep the tradesmen safe and stress-free! They can continue to work on the project without worrying about tripping from construction debris scattered around the job site. Filth-E Treasure will declutter your your area for a quicker and clean project!

Any unused, or usable construction waste will be recycled and we strive to keep Beautiful British Columbia green.

Based in Richmond, BC, Filth-E Treasure offers construction waste removal services to the Metro Vancouver area. We will clean up residential renovation sites and commercial sites. No job too big or small for Filth-E Treasure! Call or email us today for a free estimate or on-site quote - no extra charge! 

Put your construction junk in my trunk!

Construction Debris Removal

Call or Message us today for a free Construction Waste Removal Estimate!

When building a new project. Contractors will hire out tradesmen, and there will be many trades on a work site. 

There will extra unusable materials scattered all over the work areas that can be dangerous to workers. We provide a construction waste removal service so trades can continue on their projects safely!

There are many items being used on a job site, and we will take almost all of it!

Windows, shingles, plywood, drywalls, tiles, carpets, and more!

We will only NOT take hazardous materials like Asbestos, fluids, and paint cans.

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